Anne Frank's cousin visits her memorial in Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The last immediate surviving relative of Anne Frank visited Boise Wednesday to help dedicate a new tree at the memorial named in her honor.

Buddy Elias and his wife, Gerti, made the trip from Switzerland to Boise to honor his beloved cousins, Anne and Margot Frank.

During the dedication, Elias shared numerous thanks for what he called a "breathtaking" memorial.

"All the blessings on the city," he said. "It's, I'm overwhelmed and I thank you all so very much. I didn't know Boise, Idaho before now. I don't know Idaho, it's right here (points to his heart)."

Elias shared a few words of dedication of the tree at the memorial, saying he hoped the new tree would grow for hundreds of years.