Amber Alert canceled after police locate one-day-old baby girl

MILL CREEK, Wash. -- An Amber Alert was canceled by officials after police located a missing newborn baby in a home on the Tulalip Reservation around 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

An alert was issued Friday evening for 20-year-old Jaime Marie Martini, a mother who ran off with her very sick newborn baby, officials said.

Both mother and baby were transported to the hospital and are in satisfactory condition after being found in a home near Martini's at the 3300 block of Rueben Shelton Drive.

Police said the infant, Annabelle Martini, was born in a Mill Creek apartment early Friday morning with a life threatening medical condition and is in need of medical attention.

The midwife assisting with the birth called 911 to summon medical help as the baby was having difficulty breathing and was gray in color, but the mother canceled the aid unit and decided to try to take the child to a local hospital herself, said Ian Durkee with Mill Creek Police.

"They never arrived at any local hospital, either in Snohomish County or in King County," Durkee said. "At this point we don't know where they're at and that's why we're trying to locate them."

"She was transported by an aunt and the aunt is no longer with her. She was allegedly dropped off at a hospital but that hospital has had no contact with her, so we don't know of any vehicle that she might have access too," Durkee said Friday.

Police had interviewed Martini's aunt, but said she wasn't very helpful with the investigation.

It is not immediately clear whether police will file charges against Martini.