Allred on lawsuit: 'We want change at Boise State'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Famed attorney Gloria Allred explained to KBOI why her law firm is taking on a lawsuit filed by two former BSU track athletes -- why they claim the university violated Title IX.

The two female athletes claim they were sexually harassed during practice, and that coaches did nothing about it. The lawsuit they filed also alleges that the reason nothing was done is that the person was a star athlete.

Allred told KBOI that they took on the case once the two woman came to them with what happened. This is not the first time this law firm has taken on a case involving Title IX.

"We are very well known as the leading woman's rights law firm," said Allred. "And we are also pioneering these Title IX cases against colleges and universities who have a duty to afford rights under Title IX to college students that allege they have been raped or sexually assaulted."

The lawsuit goes onto claim that one of the women was later raped by the athlete.

She claims once she reported it to then head track coach JW Hardy he said there was nothing he could do because she had consumed a small amount of alcohol before it allegedly happened.

The suit claims Hardy failed to tell her about options including contacting the police. Allred said under Title IX, any university has responsibilities in cases like this.

"The college has a set of duties under Title 9 regardless of whether or not students go to the police," said Allred. "Regardless or not of whether or not there is a prosecution. In other words the college has to hold a hearing has to afford due process not only to the accused but the alleged victims."

The two woman are seeking damages, but said they also want to see reforms at BSU.

"We want change at Boise State," said Allred. "We want to be sure that it's a safer place for students in the future."

Boise State University did respond with a written statement in which said in part they take sexual harassment very seriously, and dealt with this action when it happened.