All clear at Grangeville High School after bomb threat

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise Police Bomb Squad was called out up north to help authorities in Idaho County with a bomb threat at Grangeville High School.

The Grangeville Police Department says a note was discovered by employees who arrived at work Wedneday morning. Officers say they recovered written material reporting that a bomb had been placed on the school grounds.

After officers and Idaho County deputies arrived, they called for the Boise Police Explosives Disposal Unit to respond to the scene. School has been canceled for the day.

Officials later determined no bomb was on campus.

"It's not unsual for the bomb squad to travel to a location our region for a threat," said Charles McClure, Boise Police public information officer.

McClure said Boise's Bomb squad traveled the roughly five hours to Grangeville because Spokane's bomb team was busy on other calls. A second team is stationed in Boise if any incidents occur locally.

All traveling related expenses will be reimbursed.

"We consider bomb threats to be very serious due to the potential for serious injury and damage," said Morgan Drew, Grangeville Police chief. "Threats of this nature are handled on the assumption that a real bomb does exist. School safety is a priority as we work with the school to locate the person or persons responsible for this incident."