Alcohol, drug-fueled teen party in Boise Foothills busted by police

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- More than 100 teens were busted for an alcohol and drug-fueled party in the Boise mountains over the weekend.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says many of teens were drunk and some had used marijuana and ecstasy. Two teens had to be transferred from the party to local hospitals.

"Officers say they were surprised how intoxicated some of the teens were," the sheriff's office said.

The party was held near milepost 12 off Bogus Basin Road. When deputies arrived, many of the students ran off.

"It's not like you are five minutes away from medical treatment when you are up in the mountains," said Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber. "It can take hours to get to emergency medical care - and the parties just seem to get farther and farther in."

Boise County Sheriff and Boise National Forest officers who went to party Saturday said there was a significant amount of trash left at the site, including bottles, cans, piles of vomit, and other kinds of trash strewn about.

Several fires were burning at the time, and some trees had been knocked over.

Teens that were impaired were taken down in an Ada County Sheriff's office bus. Officials are still determining whether to cite the teens who were at the party.