AG's office gets calls from now defunct Body Renew gym members

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The business signs had been taken down when we went to Body Renew's corporate headquarters on Chinden boulevard in Garden City.

We knocked, but nobody came to the door.

We continued shooting video when two women who said they were Body Renew employees suddenly came out and asked us to leave. They said they were concerned about their safety and did not want the gym's former members to know their location.

The gym abruptly closed its five valley locations Wednesday without giving members a warning.

The Idaho Secretary of State's website show Dakota Routh as the owner of the gym, and other documents list him as an owner of an online fitness clothing company based in Orlando, Florida.

We were unable to contact him.

But we did contact the Idaho Attorney General's office which has already heard from frustrated members of the now defunct Body Renew gym.

"And we welcome consumers who feel like they were misled to file a complaint with us," said Brett DeLange with the AG's consumer protection unit. "They can talk to their own lawyers about their specific legal rights. They can consider small claims court with respect to money paid that they'd like to get back."

Meantime, ex-Body Renew members are finding new places to work out such as Johnny's Fit Club off Federal Way which is honoring Ashley Prececthel's Body Renew contract.

"Well, I feel great about the new club," she said. "It's a total upgrade. But I'm a little disappointed to go to my (regular) gym and have it be completely shut down without warning."

Johnny's Fit Club owner Johnny Escamilla says Body Renew's sudden closure of its five locations and the treatment of its members give the Boise fitness industry a black eye.

"But there are so many good trainers in Boise and good (fitness) clubs," he said. "This can definitely be overcome."