Additional safety measure planned after utility hole accident

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A Boise construction company says it did everything industry standards require to mark and secure an open utility hole into which a man fell Tuesday night.

But after the accident, Titan Technologies, the company installing a new sewer line on the Boise Bench, plans additional safety measures.

Police describe the man as a heavily intoxicated transient in his 50s.

He was rescued from the 10-foot deep utility hole by firefighters then taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A construction foreman for Titan Technologies, the company installing a new sewer line on the Boise bench, says it's the first time he can remember that anybody's fallen into one of their utility holes.

So we asked: Was this hole properly secured?

"It was," said Titan construction foreman Mick Tully. "Last night before we left, we put orange cones with caution tape around them, which if you approach one of these, you know, it's common sense -- don't enter."

The company says it followed OSHA guidelines, which include posting road closed signs at each end of the street and warning residents who live near the construction site.

Titan Technologies says from now on they're going to continue to secure the holes by using the cones and tape, but they're going to take one additional step. They're going to cover the opening with chain link mesh.

But get this, at some point after emergency responders and Titan employees left the scene of the accident, the company says somebody came by, gathered up all the orange cones, and tossed them into the open utility holes.