Add The 4 Words protesters set to be sentenced Monday

BOSIE, Idaho (KBOI) - Twenty three Add the 4 Words protesters are set to be sentenced on Monday to community service. Even with a plea deal, a judge could give a harsher or more lenient punishment.

Over 190 arrests were made at the Idaho State Capitol during the last legislative session. The group Add the 4 Words blocked entrances into the senate chambers, and other areas as a way to get their message across.

The group is advocating for lawmakers to add protections to the Idaho Human Rights Act for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

In a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors, protesters are set to get 10 hours of community service every time they were arrested. Those who were only arrested once had their charges dropped.

Those being sentenced know the judge could follow the recommendations or go a different direction. Protesters like former State Senator Nicole Lafavour believe their reasoning for being arrested will play role in the sentence.

"That's always a possibility that something would happen and things would get more harsh, but people will be very respectful," said Lafavour. "I think there stories are very compelling, and very powerful."

Other protesters said that they knew their protest would bring consequences, but think it was worth it to bring the issue to the forefront.