Ada County adding body cams for patrol deputies

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Ada County Sheriff's Office is buying body cams for all of its patrol deputies, and even some who work in the jail. Sheriff Gary Raney said it will help with evidence collection.

Body cams are becoming more prevalent in law enforcement throughout the country.

Sheriff Raney said these types of cameras are more efficient than their current dash cams which only show what happens in front of a patrol car. He notes they can help in everyday situations.

"(It helps us) get that better evidence collection on field sobriety test, on domestic violence situations, talking to suspects -- all of those things we do every single day," Raney said.

Body cams have shown to also keep law enforcement in check because they are being watched, and it's all apart of public record. Many departments who have brought the system on have seen a dramatic drop in complaints.

Sheriff Raney isn't worried too much about that part of it because his patrol deputies have only received 18 complaints in the last three years.

Deputies said the new cams help with their investigations because they have a record of what happened. While people may sometimes forget or get something wrong video never lies. So deputies and attorneys can always review the tape to make sure.

"It may be a simple call but an average investigation may take me 20-30 minutes just for something simple, and a lot of things happen during that time," said deputy Zachary Walls."So to have the video to go back and review for my report or court makes it just that much better."