ACHD won't reconsider decision to remove bike lanes

BOSIE, Idaho (KBOI) - ACHD decided not to reconsider its decision to remove bike lanes after the City of Boise requested they keep the lanes. It doesn't mean bike lanes won't be seen downtown in the future.

Boise City Council President Maryanne Jordan was hoping to get the commissioners to reconsider. Although the two who could have changed their minds said there wasn't enough evidence under the rules to do so.

Starting Sunday night crews will begin removing the lanes, which will likely take five to six nights.

Now that the pilot project is over a group of stakeholders will meet to decide on the future design of the streets. The group includes ACHD, City of Boise, and local business.

They hope to create a plan by the end of August that will be the future plans for downtown streets. ACHD has said it wants to get those plans in place before new downtown paving projects get underway over the next couple of years.

If bike lanes are to be included ACHD said it would be easier to install them during repaving projects.

Bicyclist hope that new bike lanes will be apart of future road plans through downtown. Many want to help make Boise a more bike friendly city which it's known for around the country.