ACHD votes to take down buffered bike lanes in downtown Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Ada County Highway District has voted to get rid of the buffered bike lanes in downtown Boise.

After nearly four hours of discussion, the director of ACHD recommended losing the bike lanes for now and pointed out that while there were positive things with the bike lanes, there were more problems than anticipated.

Bruce Wong, ACHD director, told a panel of commissioners that there was an increase in bike riders, but it turned out not to be the big game changer.

"...It did not work," said Bruce Wong, ACHD director.

The vote was a 2-2 tie, but in that case it reverts back to their previous decision, which was to end the pilot project at the end of May.

Many we talked with downtown on Wednesday were upset the bike lanes would be taken out. While some told us they liked them but they still had their downfalls.

"I liked having the bike lanes I feel like I felt safer biking on the road, but at the same time sometimes I would drive to work and I've also noticed how tight and compact it's made the commute home," said Boise resident Brigitta Panther.

ACHD received more than 11,000 survey responses. About 55 percent were against the bike lanes, while 45 percent were in favor.

Officials say the bike candles will start to be removed Sunday evening. It will take about five to six nights to remove them all.