ACHD threatens Boise with hefty $10K 'fees' over sensors

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Both the Ada County Highway District and the City of Boise say the law is on their side.

But when we asked, neither side would comment on camera about the escalating argument over parking meter sensors even though it involves taxpayers dollars, saying the issue is just too sensitive.

The dispute centers around 67 vehicle detection sensors the city imbedded in downtown parking spaces last spring.

ACHD says the sensors are an illegal "encroachment" on the roadway which is the highway district's jurisdiction.

The city disagrees and says the sensors are providing important information about downtown parking patterns.

In an exchange of letters ACHD, told the city it would allow the sensors to remain until May, provided the city agrees to certain conditions.

If not ACHD would issue "encroachment fees" of some $10,000 a day, a threat Boise city council president Maryanne Jordan called "unnecessary" and "excessive."

The highway district also wants the city to not install any more sensors, pay for any damage to the road and quit threatening a lawsuit.

The city asked ACHD to do away with any fees or fines.

Both sides say they want to find an agreement but for now, it seems the taxpayer is stuck in the middle.