ACHD shows plans for dog bone roundabout

BOISE,Idaho (KBOI) - ACHD held an open house to show off the latest design for a new $3.5 million roundabout. The proposed interchange would connect Catalpa Road, 36th street and Hill Road.

ACHD says it will slow traffic down and make the three street intersection safer for pedestrians.

"The safety benefits are just huge. You have about half as many crashes and the crashes you do have are low speed and low severity," Craig Quintana of ACHD said.

Business owner Alan Anderson says he's seen several plans for the project and at one time ACHD wanted his building to expand the roundabout.

"When they tell you your going to tear it down, do I repair the roof or do I wait until the county buys my building and they tear it down," Anderson said

He says the latest plan has ACHD taking out half of the parking lot to his business and he will only be able to exit one way out.

ACHD says they hope a design and a bidder can be approved by the end of this year. They are looking at having the project finished by the summer of 2016.