ACHD: Pull parking sensors from Boise streets in 30 days

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Ada County Highway District is giving the City of Boise a deadline to remove those parking meter sensors embedded in downtown streets, streets ACHD is responsible for.

A spokesman for Mayor Dave Bieter says the mayor and city council plan to review options and determine how to proceed.

In its letter to Mayor Bieter, ACHD says it wants the city to remove all sensors presently located within ACHD rights of way within 30 days.

The letter goes on to say ACHD will pay to fix the pavement after the sensors are removed.

In a plan to upgrade its parking system, the city has already imbedded some 68 sensors in parking spots near new smart meters downtown.

Among other things, the sensors would zero out any already paid-for existing time left on the meters.

Highway district commission president Sara Baker says ACHD wants the sensors removed because the city crossed into county highway district jurisdiction.

"The highway district, under state law, has responsibility for all rights of way used for transportation, other than state highways, in Ada County," she told KBOI 2News. " And parking spots are in the right of way."

But Baker declined to speculate on what ACHD would do if Boise chooses to leave the sensors in place.

"I can't imagine they wouldn't comply with the request," she said.