ACHD: Most Bogus Basin Road crashes are driver error

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After a man died when his vehicle went off Bogus Basin Road and into an embankment on Saturday, KBOI 2News is looking in to why there aren't any guard rails up in that area.

Local drivers tell us driving up the winding road to the top of Bogus Basin is often scary.

"I've had some very close encounters when it's slick out," said Dalton Compton, a snowboarder form Boise.

Compton and his friends hit the slopes often, but he says the drive up never ceases to be a little frightening.

"There should be more guard rails," Compton told KBOI. "There are a couple of places I've slid that there are no guard rails, and I know that there probably should be."

The Ada County Highway District says it has covered a lot of the road's trouble spots and recommends that drivers do their part as well.

"People also have to be attentive to winter driving conditions and possible road conditions," said Nicole Pineda, ACHD Spokeswoman.

ACHD says from 1997 to 2012, there have been 505 crashes on the road to the top. Police say 374 of them were caused by drivers going too fast, and another 114 were caused by inattentive driving or people driving to the left of the center line.

ACHD says in the past 15 years, only four wrecks on Bogus Basin Road, including Saturday's crash, have been deadly.

Pineda says guard rails probably won't be added to the site of this most recent crash, because it's a straight stretch of road.

"They typically don't put guard rails on a straightaway because they have a lot of studies that show most people don't depart the road on a straightaway," Pineda explained.

But the highway district is still looking into what happened.

"If it turns out it was something to do with safety, we will of course take care of that," Pineda said.

ACHD says it's currently working on plans to improve the safety of Bogus Basin Road. It recently received nearly $3,000,000 in grant money to fix some safety issues. But ACHD won't say yet what exactly it will be changing.