ACHD gives Boise 10 days to resolve parking sensor flap

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Officials with the Ada County Highway District aren't terribly shy about their feelings toward the city of Boise's handling of dozens of parking sensors in downtown Boise.

"We are extremely disappointed by the attempt to usurp ACHD's legal authority," John Franden, president of ACHD, wrote in a letter to Boise mayor Dave Bieter.

The brouhaha between ACHD and the city of Boise has been on-going for almost a year.

"For months, the city has refused to negotiate on the draft agreement wrongfully asserting that the city controls right-of-way reserved to ACHD by law," the letter states.

Craig Quintana, ACHD spokesman, told KBOI 2News on Wednesday that the parking sensor fiasco has been going on for far too long.

The commission is giving the city 10 days to remove the sensors or accept ACHD's most recent proposal, which would have a licensed agreement allowing the city to install and maintain the sensors.

Adam Park, City of Boise spokesman, says it received the hand-delivered message Tuesday and attorneys are reviewing the letter.

In January, the Idaho Attorney Generals office said ACHD would likely win if the issue goes to court.

When the AG's office chimed in, the city of Boise says it followed the rules.

"The Attorney General's informal opinion validates what the City of Boise has maintained from the beginning: that ACHD has authority to require a permit for the City's parking meter sensors," the city wrote in a statement.

"That is why the City's vendor has applied for such a permit. The City has agreed to accept total responsibility for the installation, maintenance, and removal of the sensors. Despite that, ACHD has yet to approve the permit. It has always been the City's goal to resolve this disagreement amicably and within the law; the AG's opinion provides both parties with an opportunity to move forward in the best interest of the citizens we jointly serve."