ACHD denies Boise City's permit request; sensor squall heats up

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Ada County Highway District declined the City of Boise's permit request to put in more parking sensors in downtown streets Thursday. There are 68 smart meters throughout downtown, and the officials want 611 more.

But ACHD says the city needs to sign a license agreement with them, if they want to keep the existing sensors, and put in more.

The sensors work with the parking meters to determine if a car is parked in the space. The sensor has to be buried in the street, but ACHD commissioners say that all the roadways are under their jurisdiction, and the city needs to apply for a license for them. ACHD said the sensors already in place are installed illegally.

ACHD wants the city to enter into a license agreement to regulate the sensors, and when the highway district denied their request for more, commissioners told them the same thing they've been saying for a year now.

"This is nothing unusual, it's become a jurisdictional battle. They feel they have jurisdiction over parking meters while we have the roadways, " Nicole Pineda of ACHD said.

Last week, the city said the permit was good enough and they didn't need to get a license to put the sensors in.

After ACHD denied the city's permit, officials came back by sending out a response that states: "We are disappointed by ACHD's continued refusal to permit this new technology that will make it easier and more convenient to park in downtown Boise. The city council will meet next Tuesday to discuss the ACHD letter and whether the city should appeal."

The city has until Aug. 27 to appeal ACHD's decision. ACHD says they will not remove any of the sensors until the situation is resolved.