ACHD: 'No intention of filing a lawsuit against Boise City"

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Ada County Highway District commissioners voted to go into executive session to talk about a potential lawsuit with the City of Boise over those parking meter sensors imbedded in city streets.

About 45 minutes later, ACHD president John Franden emerged and said a lawsuit with Boise is one thing the highway district wants to avoid.

"Primarily because two governmental agencies going into a lawsuit with each other is problematic," Franden said. "It's not the right thing to do."

ACHD says the city installed the sensors with a permit from the highway district, which controls all local roads regardless of municipal boundaries -- a unique situation in the country.

We asked if ACHD was going to physically remove those sensors from the streets of Boise.

"No. Not today," said Franden.


"We are not going to take any quick action to take them out," Franden said, "so I cannot tell you when we're going to do that."

For the short term, it appears these parking meter sensors will sat in the streets, but at least one businessman we talked to in Bodo doesn't like the sensor system at all.

"People get tickets left and right," said Dell Jaha,co-owner of The Ha' Penny Pub. "They don't want to come in and have a drink because they're watching their meters like a hawk.

Meantime, Boise city leaders say they should have the power to regulate streets in the city limits.
Franden says he understands how the city feels, but he says that's not the way the law works in Idaho.

A Boise City Hall spokesman says city leaders also want to avoid a lawsuit with ACHD.

But spokesman Adam Park pointed out Boise and ACHD had previously reached a licensing agreement that would have solved the dispute, only to have the highway district change its mind.