About 800 Idaho National Guardsmen to return to work

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Hundreds of Idaho National Guardsmen will be back at work in the next couple of days on orders from the Pentagon.

About 850 had been furloughed at the beginning of last week as a result of the government shutdown, but about 800 will soon be back on the job.

Col. Tim Marsano, public affairs officer for the Idaho National Guard, said there's some catching up to do after a rescheduled drill and a four-day standstill.

"It's maintaining our equipment, maintaining proficiency in things like flying our A-10 aircraft or flying our Apache helicopters," Marsano said. "Folks have missed that, and they're going to need to make up for it."

Fifty of the furloughed workers won't return until lawmakers come to an agreement on government funding.

"The National Guardsmen that we are recalling this week are directly tied to, generally speaking, our war-fighting missions," Marsano said. "There are some who are in support roles that don't directly support that mission, and those are the folks who won't be recalled immediately."

The recall is a result of the Department of Defense interpretation of the "Pay Our Military Act."

The 800 National Guardsmen will return whenever they'd typically start the workweek. For some, that means Monday, but most will head back Tuesday.