A Thank You Worth Remembering

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Last month, a special needs student at Boise State became lost on campus.

No one knew where John was on the afternoon of Jan. 28. Hours had gone by without any sign. Boise Police asked local media to help spread the word.

Hours later, an anonymous woman called Ada County Dispatch saying she found the boy. The story ended well and everyone was OK.

But it wasn't the whole story.

A couple hours into the search, KBOI 2News anchor Alana Brophy was driving on Parkcenter Boulevard on her way home when she saw a boy walking by the road in southeast Boise.

She had Re-Tweeted Boise Police's initial message and had seen the photo of John. She stopped her car and went up to the boy. She knew within seconds that it was him.

Alana was the anonymous woman.

Brophy called for help and stayed with John until police arrived. Although a little confused, John was overall in good shape.

Only a handful of people knew what Alana did. She didn't tweet about the incident and certainly didn't want to be recognized. It was just something she had to do.

But her act of generosity for John just couldn't go unnoticed.

On Friday, John and his family, along with Boise Police chief Mike Masterson, Mayor Dave Bieter and reps from BSU surprised Alana with a plaque and some kind words.

They just wanted to say thank you.

Alana didn't want an online article about the recognition. Alana actually wanted to stay anonymous. But in the end, she too wanted to say thank you -- most importantly, to John and his family, as well as to Boise PD, BSU and the mayor. Their thank you meant the world to Alana.

And it's a moment she'll never forget.