A new experience for Boise State football fans

Fans say they're excited about the new features at Albertsons Stadium. (KBOI 2News Staff)

Bronco football fans are in for a treat this season.

Boise State Athletics has been working for the past eight months to improve every aspect of the fan experience at Albertsons Stadium.

Those behind the project say the goal is to improve BSU's home-field advantage by energizing the fans.

On top of the traditional cannon blast, fireworks will now be set off after every single touchdown.

They've also added an in-stadium DJ, new food vendors, more instant replays, and a t-shirt cannon!

Fans say they're excited about the new features.

"It kind of gives that feeling of a professional game," said Lequisa Sprewell, a BSU student and football fan.

Yet, at the end of the day, Bronco fans say the real excitement comes from what happens on The Blue.

"I probably would have gone to most of the games anyway. It's just an added bonus," said Daniel Hopkins, a BSU student and football fan. "I think it's really great they're adding all this stuff."

More details on ticket options, pregame festivities, and the 2017 schedule can be found here.

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