A Man's Dying Wish: 'To hear the roar of a Harley, one last time'

bill hog.jpg

A Boise hospice patient had one last wish of hearing the roar of a Harley Davidson, one last time. That wish came true Wednesday.

Hearing just one Harley would've been enough for Bill Conklin, but it wasn't enough for the 50 bikers who gathered at High Desert Harley to help make Conklin's wish come true.

Conklin told his nurse a while back about his wish, who helped get the ball rolling.

"Guess what?" asked Teri Jordan, Conklin's nurse. "Your wish has come true."

Surrounding his home were about 50 Harleys and bikers ready to unleash the sound Conklin was waiting for.

The sound filled the entire block while excitement filled Conklin's body and heart.

"My feet are numb, my hands are numb, and my back is burning like fire," he said.

To us, it may just be a sound, but to him, it was the best medicine he could get.

"Just seeing the smiles on their faces and the tears of joy for their last wish, that means everything to us," the nurses told KBOI 2News.

Conklin says the bikes brought back many great memories. He was so appreciative of the display, too.

Before the bikers took off, Conklin made it an important duty of his to shake every hand he could get to, saying thanks.