A love story worth sharing: 'We wrote to each other every day'

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - It was 1942 when Boise High students Bull Durham and Helen Morfitt first met. One year later, Bull was sent to World War II with the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

"We wrote to each other every day," Helen said.

The love letters kept that fire burning.

"I used to get letters, a whole bunch of them at once, and then for 20 days or so wouldn't get anything because at sea you don't get mail every day," explained Bull. "It was special."

There are many more stories like Bull and Helen's.

Love letters are for all to see at the Warhawk Museum in Nampa.

"The memorabilia and planes are great, but the key is the stories of the people behind the memorabilia," said Lou Bauman, who is the archivist at the museum. "One of the things of course about that period of time is it was a romantic time in many respects."

"It's amazing in some cases what these people were going through," Bauman said.

For Bull Durham, his ship was constantly targeted in the South Pacific, taking multiple bomb hits.
In 1945 Bull finally came back home after being away for 29 months.

"I was at the train depot when he arrived," Helen said. "He was surprised to see me."

"Of course I was delighted she was there," Bull said.

Bull proposed and they were married the following year. The Boise couple had two children and are now great grandparents to five. They've been married for more than 65 years.

Through it all they still hold dear the love letters that kept their relationship strong from the very beginning.

The first Tuesday of every month World War II veterans get together and visit and all veterans are invited.

It starts at 10 the Warhawk Museum.