A day in the life of a job search

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Shelly Morrison is just one person in a small sea of applicants for 700 openings at WDS, a local call center.

It's the latest step in her on-going job search.

"I bet I've been through a dozen interviews," the Boise native said. "I made it to the last cut in some cases. But somebody's more qualified. That doesn't surprise me, there are a lot of very qualified people who are unemployed."

Some people we talked to at the job fair held at the Department of Labor offices in Meridian Friday have been unemployed for three years.

Shelly's been out of full time work for several months. Her husband's retired; her children grown. Now, at age 48, she's worried about her future.

"It is a scary time," Shelly said. "What am I going to do when I'm 55 or 60 and don't have a retirement to fall back on?"

The first step in the process is to apply online. We're told by job seekers that in today's job market, online application is a fact of life.

Shelly completes that online application then waits for an initial interview.

When she's called, she finds out more about the job and the hours and the pay which is not as much as she hoped for.

"But they offer the promise of an extra $2.50 in a very short time," Shelly said. "That puts it up to a livable wage."

Shelly's scheduled for a more lengthy, follow-up interview in a few days. She leave sthe job fair upbeat and has advice for others in her situation.

"Dont give up, don't get depressed." And she adds with a laugh, "don't start drinking."