A chance to speak up on education

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - State lawmakers will begin public comment on a round of education issues facing the state of Idaho.

In November, voters rejected every single Luna law on education. Now lawmakers are looking at similar proposals and giving you a chance to speak up.

Both the house and senate education committees are looking at a total of seven bills, but a lot of the reforms are being pushed by the Idaho School Boards Association. One of them gives school boards more flexibility for layoffs, another puts a time limit on how long employees can take before they sign contracts.

But Senate Chairman John Goedde says: Everything is on the table. "We're sitting down with the stakeholders including the union and the PTA and going through those bills and making refinements that will be more palatable in the end. I don't know that we're going to satisfy everyone," Goedde said.

If you want the chance to speak up, a public hearing is being held:

When: Friday, Feb. 1 at 8am
Where: West Wing Auditorium of the Statehouse

The Chairman is asking anyone who wants to speak at the hearing, to have a statement ready because you will only get 3 minutes.