A business that 'stuck'--local mom runs successful sticker decal shop online

Jodi Lewis, a Caldwell resident, is one of the top sellers online for sticky wall decals--pictures that can peel off. (KBOI 2).

Jodi Lewis has always had a knack for creativity, design and colors. But she never thought a project to make side-money would take off.

"The sales just started coming," said Lewis who is the owner of Lucy Lews, a wall vinyl design company. " I never dreamed that I would sell as much stuff as I do."

It all started in 2011, when Lewis was encouraged to post her ideas online. Within a year, she had doubled her sales. Lewis now sells thousands of decals each year, and is one of the top sellers on Amazon for the product.

"Now we have more sales than we can handle," she said.

When it comes to wall decals, Lewis is the master. She can pretty much design anything--from the sleek and sheik monogram, to the quirky silly owl. Her products are perfect for kids playrooms, and can also be used on mailboxes and laptops too. Her decals are plastered on walls throughout the country, as she will often take an idea in her imagination and craft it into reality.

"Not everyone sees the vision initially. but if you have an idea...just roll with it," Lewis said.

And the more colors, the better.

"It kind of makes me sad sometimes when people order something brown for their kids," Lewis said. "I mean....aren't kids supposed to be fun!"

It's a fun job, but the road to success has been paved with some sticky situations. Lewis also works full time as a nurse at the VA, and is raising two teenage kids. Sometimes, it can be rough juggling it all.

"Being successful is hard work, it really is," Lewis said. But it's hard work Lewis wouldn't trade for anything. "I won't make decals just to make money. I want them to be special," she said.

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