9-year-old girl is top fundraiser against drunk driving

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - In the past five years, 330 people have died in Idaho as a result of drunk driving. One of those was 14-year-old Aimee Souza from Rupert.

One of Souza's family members used Saturday's Walk Like MADD fundraising event in Boise to fight for a change.

Kembrie Souza was the top fundraiser at Walk Like MADD, raising $2,008 for the organization. The kicker? Kembrie is only 9-years-old.

Kembrie was just a baby when her cousin was killed by riding in a car with a drunk driver. But she's heard about the accident all her life and wanted to do something in Aimee's memory.

She organized a yard sale in order to raise funds and awareness about drunk driving, so that other families don't have to go through what hers did. Her goal for the yard sale was originally to raise $500, but she got $700 in donations before she even sold anything, and she raised over $1,000 more after that.

When asked what she thought Aimee would say about her fundraising efforts, Kembrie modestly replied, "I'm pretty sure that she'd say she thinks that...she thinks I'm doing a great thing."

MADD's total goal for Boise's Walk Like MADD was to raise $7,500. Kembrie raised such a large chunk of that amount, that she was honored at the walk with a plaque. She says she's not quite sure how yet, but she plans on helping the non-profit again next year.