74 days after hit-and-run crash, victim making speedy recovery

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI ) - A Garden City man is getting back on his feet, but still recovering in the hospital from a hit a hit-and-run crash that happened in August.

24-year-old Alan Beavers was crossing Chinden Boulevard when he was hit by a car on August 24. Wednesday marked 74 days since the crash, and he's making steps to get back on his feet.

Within those 74 days, there have also been several other hit-and-run crashes that have killed other pedestrians and bicyclists. The Beavers family is thankful their son survived his accident, but are now making a plea to drivers.

Back in August, the Beavers family said their son would need a miracle to survive, but that God is in the miracle-making business. Their hope held strong, and months later, the family said they got their miracle.

"Just a couple of weeks ago, he wasn't even talking," Alan's father Monty Beavers laughed. "Now we can't get him to shut up."

After 12 days in the ICU, and weeks spent minimally conscious after that, Alan Beavers woke up.

That was in mid October. Since then, the family says Alan has started talking, eating, and walking with a little help. His short-term memory is improving, and his mom said he can remember things from high school. Now, even his personality is starting to show.

"I can see the old Alan in him that we know still," Alan's mother Anita Beavers said. "I can see the old Alan there."

Anita says the thing she always wanted to do was see him laugh again, and she's overjoyed that he does.

But the Beavers say the journey to this point was not an easy one. The family said they have hit the pause button on their lives so they can help their son fight for his.

"It's definitely been a journey, and it's been a new one every day," Anita said.

The family has taken things one day at a time, for 74 days. Within those 74 days, the family says they've also seen an epidemic of other hit-and-run crashes that have ended in tragedy.

"It seems like very three or four days there was somebody getting hit by a car," Monty said. "None of those people survived."

The Beavers family says they're lucky that Alan lived through his accident, but wouldn't wish the pain they have experienced on anybody else. They hope their story can serve as a reminder to drivers to be more careful.

"No parent out there wants to hear that doorbell rang at 1:05 in the morning with a police officer standing at their door," Monty said. "Nobody."