5-month-old baby and a litter of puppies get rescued from trailer home fire

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A house fire destroyed almost everything a family had in Garden City on 39th street. While the family was able to escape the Blaze unharmed, rescuers had to work on saving the dogs and 10 puppies. The mother living the burnt up mobile home said her dogs actually woke her and her roommate up. She thought the dog wanted out. Then everyone realized the house was on fire.

Carly Benson said she grabbed her 5-month-old son and her roommate grabbed the 10 puppies and headed out of the house. There were still 2 dogs left inside and firefighters had to back off the fire because of downed power lines.

Firefighters say once they were cleared they lunged in to find the dogs in bad condition. "We were able to administer first aid with our animal oxygen mask that we have special for all animals, cats and dogs. With the oxygen the dogs have appeared to have made a full recovery and had joined the 10 puppies that had already been taken out by the owner," said Boise Fire Captain Don Fry.

Fry says the baby, the 2 dogs and all the puppies were ok but the trailer home was left unlivable for the family. The Red Cross showed up and said they have provided funds for food, clothes, shoes and a hotel.