4th graders banned from school property after fireworks plot

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Three 4th graders have been banned from the property at Central Canyon Elementary after the school uncovered a plot to use home made fireworks to get out of school early.

Vallivue School Superintendent Pat Charlton said the kids planned to use hollowed out felt tipped markers to make the fireworks. Although he also noted that the kids didn't have any intention of hurting other students.

Officials said the plot was discovered when another student overheard the three boys talking about it, and told their parents. Who then contacted the school.

The students had planned to try to use the firework outside of the building on a sprinkler in hopes of getting school out for the rest of the year.

Although the students are banned from the property they're not expelled. They will still have to finish out the rest of the year off site being taught by a district teacher.

Officials also said after talking with the students it was clear they didn't have the right knowledge, or materials to carry out the plot. Including a lighter or even matches to set the fireworks off.

The news of the plot did worry some parents like Monica Lopez of Caldwell because she can't believe somebody so young would try it.

"It's disturbing to know that 4th graders have the intent that these three kids had whether they were actually going to fulfill that intent I don't know but it's still a little disturbing regardless," said Lopez.

Although others told us they weren't worried because it just sounded like kids just getting into mischief.