4 candidates make pitch for Nampa mayor

BOISE, Idaho (BOISE) - A good crowd showed up to see four candidates make their case to be the mayor of Nampa. While the debate at the Nampa Civic Center Wednesday was tame for the most part, the candidates campaigned for what they would do to move the city forward.

During the debate Robert Muse quickly made his case that the city of Nampa is heading in the wrong direction. Bob Henry was also railing against the mayor on his Urban Renewal Policy. "Urban renewal syphons money away from private property owners to fund these grandiose schemes," said Muse

But the current mayor, Tom Dale defended his policies for growth in the city. He said, "You're entitled to your own opinions but you're not entitled to your own facts. Urban Renewal is a tool."

While Candidate Melissa Sue Robinson agreed with almost all the other candidates on their issues, she had her own separate agenda. "So I'm pushing as hard as I can for an anti-nondiscrimination ordinance in Nampa," Robinson said.

The election for the Nampa mayor will be Tuesday, November 5th.