395 new residential units on the way to downtown Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The City of Boise is working with a variety of developers on several new residential projects in downtown Boise aimed at getting more people to live downtown.

City planners tell KBOI 2News that six future projects will bring approximately 395 residential units downtown. The new developments will help the City of Boise reach its goal of bringing 1,000 new residential spaces into the city's core by 2020.

"The overall goal for that is to make sure we have that vibrant downtown and that we're keeping people downtown, that they're not just driving downtown and then leaving in the evening," said city manager of design review Sarah Schafer.

Here's a look at the different developments in the works:


Location: 620 N. 9th Street (9th and River)

The Afton will feature 74 units, 67 of which will be condos. The other seven will be used for mixed office and retail space. The six-story building will be built in two phases, with construction scheduled to start soon.


Location: 401 S. 5th Street (5th and Broad)

The Roost would feature 160 apartments, with mixed office and commercial space on the ground level. The city said design plans for the complex are being finalized Wednesday, and that construction could start within the next couple of months after three historic homes on the existing property are relocated.


Location: 112 N. 17th Street (Between 16th and 17th Streets on Idaho)

This project still needs the design reviewed, but will feature 15 townhouses in downtown Boise's west end, an area that city leaders want to include in their master plan for the downtown area.


Location: 10th and Grove

One Nineteen will feature 26 contemporary, upscale urban residences with two levels of parking and four levels of residential space. The six-story building is already under construction, but city planners did not immediately know when work was slated to be finished.

5TH AND IDAHO PROJECT (No formal name yet)

Location: 507 W. Idaho Street

The project will replace Gibson Funeral Home, and will feature 84 condos. The five-story building will have 1 level of basement parking, along with allotted retail space at the corner of 5th and Idaho Streets.

14TH AND IDAHO PROJECT (No formal name yet)

Location: 1405 W. Idaho Street (14th and Idaho)

The city did not have specifics on the development that will replace The Watercooler, an office space rental agency. The developer, Local Construct, did confirm with KBOI 2News that the company won a competitive bid to build on the property, however the city of Boise said the company has not submitted any design plans to the city for review.

Together, these developments will create nearly 400 new living spaces in downtown Boise, many of which include ground-level mixed office and retail space. City planners say it's part of a strategy to make the most of a space.

"We like to try to keep the residential space up above and keep our street levels active," Schafer said. "I think that making sure people are living in the area helps to make sure the businesses are much more viable."

Residents say they're excited to see how the development helps boost the city's downtown core.

"I think it's a great way to get Boise revitalized," said Boise resident Susan Gawron."We need people who live down here as well as work down here so they go to all the shops and restaurants."

"I think downtown Boise is going to be a real fun place to be for the next several years," said Boise resident Scott Lewis. "Bringing more people downtown will help support some of the businesses here."

All of the development projects are currently in different stages, and many of the construction timelines have not been finalized, city planners say.
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