14-year-old whips up sweet success, opens her own bakery

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A new bakery is opening its doors in Boise, and the mastermind behind the business is just 14 years old.

You first met Isabelle Krake on Straight Talk with Mike Murad in July...

She already has her high school diploma, and now she's baking professionally. Opening a bakery has been a dream four years in the making. Now the ribbons at Just Baked Boise are cut, and her own business is up and running.

Even before you step through the door, sweet smells invite you into Just Baked Boise.

What will you find inside?

"Our classic caramel cinnamon rolls, our lemon cheesy rolls with a glaze so it's really moist," baker Isabelle Krake said.

Are you hungry yet? The list of goodies keeps going!

Isabelle has been whipping up treats since she was in 1st grade, but having her own bakery?

"When I started baking, no way I didn't even think about it," Krake said. "Then once I started to get a lot more passionate about it I was like 'oh wow we could do this it would be cool to have my own business.'"

Isabelle did it. With a little help from her family and the community, she's putting the sprinkles on top of a dream come true.

Now, one snip of the scissors, and Isabelle Krake is officially a 14-year-old business woman. She's off to a great start, except for one rookie mistake. She burned her hand.

"It's like the perfect timing," Krake joked.

Thankfully, mom was there to step in and help, but I'm guessing Isabelle felt much better after working with a rookie like myself in the kitchen. She tried to teach me how to properly put dots of frosting on a cookie, and while she gave very positive feedback, let's just say she was being nice.

Isabelle admits that sometimes the baking process can be hard and tedious, but that the ending makes everything sweet.

"I like the end product and when someone asks for it and you give it to them and they're a little bit happier," Krake said.

A kind girl with an even kinder heart, Isabelle and her family said they are going to donate the tip money they collect at the end of each month to someone in need in Boise.

If you want to bite into these tasty treats, or learn more about Isabelle's story, check out Just Baked Boise's website. Their store is located on 3017 State St, on the corner of 31st and State St.