10-year-old Wash. girl: 'My dad's shooting my mom right now'

LONGVIEW, Wash. - The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office praised a 10-year-old girl Friday for staying calm during a 911 call Wednesday morning when she told a dispatcher that her dad had shot her mom.

The girl's mom, 27-year-old Chante Marie Milian, was taken to a Portland hospital where she is still recovering. Police found her estranged husband, 30-year-old Miguel Angel Milian dead in an upstairs room.

The Cowlitz County Coroner said Friday that Miguel shot himself in the chest.

Police were called to the home at 244 Niemi Road. The girl's call came in just after midnight Wednesday.

The girl's dramatic 911 call was released Friday by the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office. In it the girl can be heard calmly but urgently telling the dispatcher that her mom had been shot by her dad.

"My dad's shooting my mom right now," she tells the dispatcher. In the background crying can be heard. The girl consoles and comforts her mom.

"Drink water, Mom. You're OK," the girl can be heard saying. She tells the dispatcher that her mom is in the bathroom, and her dad is in his room and is still shooting in the house.

Later in the call, the dispatcher asks the girl if she still hears shooting. The girl tells her no. The girl tells the dispatcher that her dad has a .22-caliber handgun that he's not supposed to have.

"Even though it was a very traumatic event, she stayed calm and was able to provide her address and answer all the 911 dispatcher's questions exceptionally well," said sheriff's spokesman Charlie Rosenzweig in a press release.

He said Chante was shot once in the back.

During the approximately 22-minute call the girl repeatedly asks the dispatcher when the police and ambulance are going to arrive. The dispatcher tells her they are on their way. At one point the dispatcher tells the girl they are in the area, but the police have to be careful.

"They have to be really careful, because you're dad has a gun," the dispatcher says.

Meanwhile, the girl tells the dispatcher that her mom is having difficulty breathing. Toward the end of the call the girl tells the dispatcher that her mom left the bathroom to get some fresh air. A short time later, the girl says she sees a police officer.

Rosenzweig said the couple's children are with relatives and are doing well.

Listen to more of the call: