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BOISE - If your pet faced a life-or-death situation and needed expert medical advice, would you know who to consult?

Some pet owners wait until it's too late because they don't realize veterinary specialists, like internists or neurosurgeons, exist.

But now, it doesn't have to get to that point because one Boise woman is hoping to change that.

Karen Bostick is reaching out to tens of thousands of other pet owners - through a multi-platform, online awareness program that includes social media.

The Internet page is called ""

You'll find areas for meet-ups, pet products, pet advice and more.

Pet owners can also set up pages for their social pets.

Karen also has numerous Facebook pages, including "We Love Tinks" and "Karen Bostick & Tinks."

This is a very personal mission for Karen, because four years ago, her Maltipoo named Tinks almost died from an auto-immune disease.

Karen says Tinks was nearing death and it wasn't until she learned about specialist care, such as WestVet in Garden City, that Tinks' life could be saved.

" I found out just in time that advanced care was available and that was the type of care needed to save his life," she said. "And so I realized that other pet owners did not know about this level of care and so I felt that it was my job to educate other pet owners and let them know, and that way, they could become their own pet advocate."

Karen is encouraging pet owners to work with their vets, and remember, you are your pet's best advocate.

She says... ask questions and demand a specialist if you need one.

You can meet Karen and Tinks at "See Spot Run" Saturday, October 5th at Julia Davis Park.

The fun starts at 9 am, and the walk kicks off at 10.

Day-of registration is 30 dollars.

It benefits homeless animals at the Idaho Humane Society.