Health insurance exchange website frustrates folks in Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Problems with Idaho's health insurance exchange website, which is tied to the federal one, have prevented many from enrolling.

The site has been plagued with problems since its launch Oct. 1.

"Some people are getting through on the exchange," said Karen Early, Blue Cross of Idaho spokeswoman. "I think most people are still having difficulty."

The issues are a source of frustration for many in Boise.

"(If the) NSA can spy on everybody on the planet, obviously, they've got all the computing capacity they need," said John Ulinder of Boise. "There's no reason for it not to work."

Early said the downtime is a good opportunity to get up to speed.

"People can go on, look at what they might want to buy, look at what their subsidy might be using online calculators and then getting ready to purchase when the site is up and running well," she said.

"I think some mistakes are to be expected in any big release like this," said Kat Olsson of Boise, "so I think that once they get that ironed out, it will be a really good system for people."

"Too bad the rollout's such a disaster," Ulinder said, "but they'll get it fixed."

President Obama has said teams are "working out the kinks in the system."