Crypto warning: Before you cool off, know your pool safety!

BAKER CITY, OREGON - Eastern Oregon food plant lays off workers due to a parasite outbreak.

Tasty Bake in Baker City, Oregon is known for making pizza crust, but now has now let go a large portion of their workforce.

An outbreak of Crypto plagues the water supply, sickening hundreds.

Officials say the water is dangerous and to boil it before drinking.

Speaking of Crypto, a reminder about water safety while August still remains hot.

Crypto is resistant to chlorine.

Symptoms include diarrhea, fever and vomiting.

It's transferred by swallowing water from a contaminated source or being exposed to someone infected with the parasite.

"After the kids are in the water, they are going to have a snack and they should wash their hands with soap and water before they eat," said Tom Schmalz with Central District Health. "Parents should change the diapers of their children at the diaper changing station and not at the poolside."

It's very contagious and can also be found in the shallow waters of lakes and streams.