Conjoined twins leave hospital and go to rehab center

DALLAS - For the first time in their young lives, 9-month-old twins who were conjoined are now leaving a Dallas hospital.

Emmett and Owen Ezell are headed to a rehabilitation center.

The nine-month old boys were born connected from the belly button to the breast bone.

At just one month old, they underwent a successful 9 hour separation surgery at Medical City Children's Hospital.

"They had to separate a portion of the liver," Dr. Clair Schwendeman said. "They had to separate a common area of upper intestine that was joined together."

After several additional surgeries, the boys can now sit up and play.

While at rehab, the twins parents will learn how to manage the boys medical issues on their own, including caring for their feeding and breathing tubes.

Their mom says the best part about the twins recovery so far has been getting to hold them.

Doctors say the twins could go back home with their two big brothers in the coming weeks.