Boise woman creates Facebook page devoted to heart health

BOISE - A Boise woman is reaching out to others with heart disease using social media.

It's a Facebook page, called "WomenHeartBoise" and all you have to do is hit the "like" button.

It's created by Boise resident Lynne Wade, who has a personal connection to heart health.

She has heart disease and knows what it's like first-hand to survive a heart attack.

The website was launched last month, and Lynne created it to educate women about their risk of heart disease, how to deal with a heart attack and how to stay heart healthy.

On the Facebook page, you'll find information about heart disease, see videos of heart surgery and be able to interact directly with other women who are heart disease survivors.

"I wanted to be able to reach out to women to say look at the risk factors, assess yourself, go to a physician for more information, and ultimately, to be able to begin to have a healthier heart," she said. "And if you do have heart disease like myself, to manage it effectively."

If you'd like to learn more about the actual group "WomenHeartBoise" that formed in March, the new Facebook page, or anything related to heart health, Lynne would like to hear from you.

She can be reached at: or (208) 724-5816.