Movie Guy: Several new movies opening this weekend

Three new films hit theaters this weekend, a couple of comedies, and Dorothy returning to Oz.

"Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return" is, as the title suggests a continuation of the "Wizard of Oz" story, with Dorothy heading back to the merry old land of Oz to save her friends, make some new buddies and bring order back to the Emerald City.

"Return to Oz" features music by Brian Adams and a story by the great grandson of L. Frank Baum, but it's not really getting any buzz from critics or audiences.

"Mom's Night Out" is a delightful little Christian comedy that's quite funny and not too preachy. This is the story of three over-stressed women just looking for a night out-It's a lot of fun and has a good heart-a great little hidden gem of a movie.

"Neighbors" should be this weekend's big-dog movie, the R-rated comedy about a married couple fighting with the frat next door.

"Neighbors" mines humor from the differences between youth culture and middle-aged homeowners. It's quite funny, with plenty of rowdy hijinks and fun visual bits.
Obviously, "Neighbors" is expected to be this weekend's big hit. Seth Rogan will bring his fan base, in this film with some very good visual gags and a lot of poor taste-but that's a good thing for a raunchy summer comedy.

"Neighbors" won't do "Spider-Man" sized business at the box office, but it should make comedy fans very happy and have producers laughing all the way to the bank.

Now that being said, this week's best comedy is actually "Mom's Night Out." This is a wonderful little film that will probably get lost amid all the summer movie hyped films. This is a genuinely funny suburban adventure, also a Christian film, so none of that raunchy humor.

I saw it surrounded by a sea of women who ate this film up. There's still enough going on here that men will like it too, but for a great ladies night out at the movies, trust me, go see "Mom's Night Out."

Finally, "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return." They didn't screen it for me, but this one looks like it should have been a direct to DVD release. The animation isn't great, the new characters don't seem very interesting and the producers are hiding Bryan Adam's new music. If you've got a kid who's a huge Wizard of Oz fan, you better see this one soon, because it won't last long in theaters this summer.

So there you have it-Check out the comedies this weekend, or catch up on Spider-Man.
Next week, "Godzilla" stomps into theaters, followed by the X-Men and Maleficent-it's a pretty great start to the summer movie season.