Dennis Quaid and his wife are back together, but the divorce is already final

Reconciliation between couples is never easy -- but what if you're already divorced by the time you decide to give it another go? That's what happened to Dennis and Kimberly Quaid, who are reportedly back together, even though their divorce, which Kimberly filed for a year ago, is probably going through, anyway.

The road to divorce has been a rocky one for the couple, who have handed each other papers more than once. Sources told TMZ that Kimberly filed for divorce in March of 2012 because she was "fed up with Dennis' cheating," and, after eight years of marriage, submitted the papers. However, she withdrew the petition just two months later.

Then, in October, the couple once again separated. In December, Quaid filed divorce papers, which both parties signed.Now, the two are back together -- but it may be too late to keep the marriage from being dissolved, since both Kimberly and Dennis have already made them final with their signatures.

Quaid has a history of addiction and infidelity. Kimberly is his third wife.