Artist creates intricate 'Twin Peaks' portraits on postcards

Few shows inspire as much devotion as Twin Peaks, and with devotion comes fan art.

The latest visual ode to David Lynch's delightfully odd murder mystery/small-town soap opera is a series of illustrated postcards from artist Paul Willoughby, originally created for a 20th-anniversary exhibition of Twin Peaks-related art at London's Menier Gallery.

Paul Willoughby is a creative director, graphic artist and co-founder of creative agency Human After All. He is the former creative director of Little White Lies magazine and The Church Of London Design. Willoughby has also worked as an illustrator for clients including The Guardian, The Financial Times, The New Yorker, Adobe, IBM, Nike and Adidas.

In 2012 and 2013, he curated a series of Guardian Masterclasses on contemporary illustration.

"My Twin Peaks postcard drawings explore a common thread between time, environment, character and ephemera. The postcards are all sourced from actual Twin Peaks filming locations and Washington state. I paired each subject with a specific postcard that I felt resonated with their character," Willoughby said.