Everything you need to know before you check out the Rooster Tail this weekend

The ‘Rooster Tail’ is a popular springtime attraction that results from the discharge of water through the original release structures of the dam, directing water high into the air.

Don't be surprised to be waiting in your car a bit if you plan to see this weekend's rooster tail at Lucky Peak.

Back in 2012, thousands of people flocked to the dam to check out the Rooster Tail, which used to be a daily occurrence until 1986 when construction of the Lucky Peak Power Plant Project started.

And, given this year's historic water flows, thousands are expected yet again.

The water shoots upwards because of a 'flip bucket' which is used to channel the massive water pressure so it doesn't erode the river bed. When it goes so high in the air it comes down much softer and doesn't disturb the river as much. The Rooster Tail is usually 1,500 - 2,500 cubic feet of water rushing out per second.

Drivers should plan on the driving tour of the Rooster Tail to take about an hour.

Do not enter Sandy Point when you first see the Rooster Tail Display and instead proceed along Highway 21 up to the top of the dam. Turn right to cross the dam and you'll easily find your way, enjoying a number of different views of the display.

If you'd like to get out and walk around, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation State Parks - Discovery Park and Sandy Point Park - are available for a $5 fee. There only 20 free spaces near the end of the tour as you exit Sandy Point and return to Highway 21. No parking is allowed along the road shoulders of Highway 21 or the Sandy Point Entrance Road.

The six-hour-long displays are scheduled from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.