STEM students give back to non-profits with PSA partnership

Idaho STEM Action Center Executive Director Angela Hemingway presents the 'Wonder Media Story Maker Grant' to students, faculty. (KBOI Photo)

Six local school districts received $7,400 grants from the STEM Action Center Tuesday afternoon for new animated storytelling technology called 'Story Maker.'

Seven schools qualified for the 'Wonder Media Story Maker Grant,' but one had to drop out. The original seven included Genesee, Crimson Point, Melba, Notus and Pepper Ridge elementary schools. It also includes Tigert Middle School and Galileo STEM Academy.

Wilder School District was the first in the state to use 'Story Maker.' After an extremely successful pilot program, they decided to create a public service announcement for the Idaho Foodbank using the new technology.

Now, six other schools around the valley will do the same - partnering with local non-profits to create a variety of PSA's.

The STEM Action Center is providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to schools around Idaho.

The grants give K-12 students opportunities for hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering and math.

This year, Gov. Otter has recommended nearly $4.5 million in ongoing funding for the center.

Nearly half of that would go toward continuing the computer science initiative. The other half would be applied toward grants and professional opportunities.