Mom who died of cancer had big wish for family after she was gone

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A local organization called Wish Granters is making dreams come true for terminally ill adults here in the Treasure Valley.

It most recently helped the Davis family.

"My wife passed away in August, she had a six-year battle with cancer," said Justin Davis, a Boise resident.

Kristi Davis, 33, died seven months ago. But before her passing, she had heard of wish granters and only wanted one thing.

"My wife and I had planned on taking our two boys, we have a 5-year-old and a 4-year-old, and we had planned on taking them to Disneyland as a family," Davis said.

That's where Wish Granters stepped in.

But as time went on, the cancer spread and Kristi's wish changed.

"She knew that she was going to be too sick to travel but she knew that, that was her wish..that the boys and I would get to go to Disneyland even though she didn't get to go," Davis said.

Wish Granters made it happen.

The Davis family boarded a plane from the Boise Airport and took off for the Magic Kingdom.

"To know that it's going to be taken care of, that someone was going to help us pay for the plane ticket, the hotel and the park tickets, for her to know that the boys and I would get to go and enjoy that, it meant a lot to her," said Davis.

An entire week, that's how long Justin and his two son's Jerrell and Elijah spent at Disneyland - remembering the mother and wife who always put her family before herself.

"We talk about it all the time, we talk about that mommy is excited they get to go and that mommy wanted to take them but she didn't get to," Said Davis.

Kristi might not have made it California, but her son's know, she just wanted to see them smile.

"It was a big wish for her," Davis said.