Eagle woman is a walking miracle

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - One Treasure Valley woman who's been taking part in Boise's Heart Walk for years will have all new meaning in her steps this year. 33-year-old Angela Creason says she's only able to walk in the 2014 Heart Walk thanks to the medical advances and knowledge the American Heart Association helps provide.

Creason never expected to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest at her age, but in January, her heart beat came to a stop. She says her husband watched her go in to the sudden cardiac arrest.

"He jumped up, flipped on the lights, looked at me and he says he knew something wasn't going right with my heart," Creason said. "He immediately grabbed his phone, called 911 and started CPR on me. He did CPR for about five and a half minutes."

Once EMS arrived, rescuers continued CPR, shocked her heart about seven times and used a chest compression machine to try to get it beating again.

"They were able to carry me down my stairs of my house and get me in the ambulance, without ever stopping compressions because of that machine," Creason said. "I know that has something to do with why I'm still here today, along with my husband's knowledge of CPR."

Doctors finally got a heart beat after Creason was taken to the hospital. In addition to the cardiac arrest, she also had a stroke as a result of the shocks to her heart, and she was in a coma for three days. Afterward, she had a pacemaker put in and underwent open heart surgery to get a new, mechanical aortic valve.

Creason says she's always had a heart murmur, caused by the leaking valve. But there was no reason to believe at her age anything could go wrong. She even says her doctor told her she was doing well during her last checkup.

"She said everything looked fantastic, that let's go ahead and instead of seeing you twice a year, let's move it up to just once a year," Creason recalled. "Then low and behold, this whole scenario pops up."

But thanks to the medical help she got, the scenario didn't slow Creason down for long.

"It seemed like really, in no time I was back to feeling like me again," she said.

Creason says in the past five years she's done Boise's Heart Walk, she never had any idea the event would hold so much significance for her this year.

"It's just going to feel like it's a whole new walk," she smiled. "I'm going to be walking because of my husband, I'm going to be walking because of my kids. I'm going to be walking because of the firefighters and EMTs and my doctors. they put all of that hope in to me to make sure i'm here, and I'm here. I'm just going to be walking with my head held high. I'm a miracle. Let's spread the word, let's do this."