Workshop helps those facing foreclosure

NAMPA, Idaho - The State Attorney General's Office held a foreclosure workshop in Nampa Tuesday evening. The goal is to help people get educated about homeowner rights and the foreclosure process.

Patrick Knehans says his Nampa home is being foreclosed by US Bank. He went to tonights meeting to get some answers.

After a stretch of unemployment, he now works multiple jobs and wants to refinance his mortgage and stop the foreclosure. But he says it's hard to work with a big bank.

"I cant speak with anybody locally but they hire a lawyer out of California to send me letters. My only hope at this point is to get some legal assistance," said Knehans.

So here is some of the advice given at the meeting: get help from a counselor, like Nampa Housing Authority, they can work as a mediator to get things done. Don't get scammed, crooks are looking to take advantage of your situation.

"I sold off all my assets, my additional truck, my boat, my motorcycle all of those things over the years," said Knehans.

Here are some other ways to avoid foreclosure: restructure your loan, try to do a short sale, or just turn the deed of your house over to the bank. The Attorney Generals Office says this can save you from the black mark that foreclosure would be on your credit.

About a dozen people attended tonights workshop, but Knehans wants to encourage more people to get involved.

"It's a point of hope and people have lost hope," said Knehans.

There are three workshops left to attend.

Meridian City Hall
February 7
6 PM

Caldwell Public Library
February 13
6 PM

Hillside Jr High in Boise
February 20
6 PM