Woman says neighbor's security camera looks into her bedroom

BOISE,Idaho (KBOI) - A Boise woman has a feeling someone is watching her. That's because she says her neighbor has a camera pointed right at her bedroom.

Lindsay Haskins says back in June she noticed a blinking light at her neighbor's house, that's when she realized a camera was pointing right into her bedroom window. Lindsay asked her neighbor to move it, but that hasn't worked.

"I know its legal for him to have a camera on his premises and I was told by a lawyer that there is a fine line between legal and illegal and he shouldn't be able to catch our side of the property but when I tell cops that, they tell me they have no idea what I am talking about," Lindsay said.

According to reports she has called the Boise Police five times. Lindsey added, "If he wants to be a creeper be a creeper, if no one's going to help me with it, if the cops aren't going to help me with it I guess there's nothing I can do. But I am not going to live my life in my back yard."

Haskins says that not only is the camera pointed at her bedroom window but it's also in the line of sight of her hot tub. That's a problem when her friends jump in. "They don't want to come over and tan in the back yard or get in the hot tub or do anything because it makes them uncomfortable, which is fine. It sucks because my friends don't want to come over," she said.

The neighbor, Kevin Maness says the camera isn't even real. "I bought a camera on Amazon for $9.50, as a deterrent. (I) ran a wire from it to make it look like it's coming into the house but it's not real," Maness said.

Maness says he's had some problems with vandalism and that's why he uses the camera as a deterrent. But he says he's not the neighborhood creep. He says, "She thinks I am a window peeper. To me that's insulting -- I'll tell you that's one step below a child molester in my book. I'm not a window peeper."

One attorney we spoke with said this would be a hard case to prove in front of a jury. And the Ada County Sheriff' Office says if any law were broken it would be a case of voyeurism, but if the camera is not real than there is no law broken. At this point Maness says he hasn't been cited by police.