Winnie the dog is shot twice in Canyon County

Caldwell, Idaho- A dog is recovering at the Canyon County Animal Shelter after being shot twice.

Canyon County Animal Control brought Winnie to the shelter one week ago. She had been shot twice and was covered with blood. The 5-year-old Akita was shot in the face and chest.

"They got her into surgery right away and were able to save her," said Barb Hutchinson, who is the shelter's executive director.

"She's up, she's active, she's ready to go to a foster home if someone can put some time in for her," explained Talitha Neher, a veterinarian at the shelter.

Although she's expected to make a full recovery not knowing who's responsible for hurting the fluffy girl is upsetting.

"That's really frustrating," Neher said. "We would like to know who did this and educate them if we can so we can prevent it from happening again."

Shelter workers hope the community pulls together to help with Winnie's expenses.

"We only have so much money to spend on injured and sick animals," Hutchinson said.

The cost of surgery and Winnie's aftercare is about $3,000. If you would like to help contact the Canyon County Animal Shelter at 208-455-5920.

Winnie should be available for adoption next month after being placed in a foster home to fully recover.