Wife and brother of mall attack suspect arrested

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise Police say they have arrested the wife and brother of the man accused of brutally attacking two women in the Boise Towne Square Parking lot in May.

Police say Jessica Macho, 28, and Richard Macho, 29, helped Gregory Macho hide and avoid arrest following the attack.

Investigators also say the pair helped alter the appearance of Gregory's pickup truck, which was caught on surveillance camera fleeing from the scene.

Police say the investigation was handed over to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office, which then issued warrants for their arrest.

They were both arrested Wednesday evening and booked into the Ada County ail.

Jessica and Richard are both being charged with Aiding and Abetting a Felony and Destruction of Evidence.

Police say that Gregory Macho sexually assaulted a woman in a car the parking lot of Boise Towne Square on May 14. After a passerby approached the car during the attack, officers say he ran to his pickup truck and sped off, but not before deliberately running over the passerby and causing her to have severe leg and hip injuries.

He is being charged with Aggravated Battery and misdemeanor Battery.